“Amanda is cool, sophisticated, incredibly insightful… and dangerous!” – Pippa D, CEO


You will not recognise yourself after working with Amanda. 

With Amanda as your Creative Director, you will transform yourself – your identity, image and work – into a living work of art.



Why work with Amanda?

This is not ‘branding’ or ‘styling’ or ‘business strategy’ as you would know it. This is experiential, on-the-edge reinvention – transformation from the inside out.

And it happens fast…

Because Amanda sees the highest vision of you that you simply can’t see (yet).

Because Amanda will show you how to recreate yourself into who you secretly dream of being.

Because Amanda will show you how to create a brand and calling that looks and feels like art.

Because Amanda’s distinctive genius means she is infinitely better than you are at seeing what makes you distinctive. At knowing exactly how to make you intellectually, aesthetically and commercially compelling in a way the world cannot resist.

You cannot see it in yourself. Let Amanda see it in you.




  • be prepared to burn down your old identity and image
  • be prepared to reveal your truth and have it made deeply beautiful
  • be prepared to trust your intuition and do what she says


  • will know exactly who you are and what you are here to do (your identity and your calling)
  • will have absolute confidence in your deeper, darker presence
  • will know how to package and position yourself as deeply different, provocative, rare and high-end (this is where you will find your genius IP
  • will have your audience begging for more
  • will wake up every day knowing you are a work of art, creating a life that is art

NOTE: Amanda’s bespoke services are invite only. Apply here: APPLICATION FORM 


What women say about working with Amanda…

“Having worked for high-end women’s magazines AND as a stripper, she understands the whole dark, sensual side of things. She can bring all those elements together.”

“Her ability to perceive high-end beauty is unrivalled. Nobody’s bringing iconic imagery and beauty in women’s brands. She has the capacity for understanding the value of that and what it should look like. How to use powerful language that isn’t just marketing speech – that’s really important to me because so much of what I hear just sounds like crap. She understands the deeper conversation. A grown-up conversation. A soulful conversation. That’s a certain genius.”

“[Before working with Amanda] it felt like I was living a double life – I wasn’t hiding parts of me, but I was just talking about them in certain places and I wanted it to be one conversation. It felt excruciating. There were parts of me that wanted to speak and I couldn’t figure out how to speak them together. There is a permission that she gave me that I didn’t know that I needed to climb out this box I’ve been in. I needed to bring ALL of myself to the table and she saw that.”

“She understands what a grown woman needs. There’s a bunch of kids out here in the marketplace. But she knows how you serve a grown woman who has had some lived experience.”

“She just sees through you. There’s no hiding from her. Also she absolutely exudes power and confidence and she’s unapologetic about that. I’m beginning to see that my true genius is my genius and all I need to do is to stand in my true genius and the people who are meant to work with me will come to me.”

“You have to absolutely be ready because she doesn’t muck about.”

“She’s an amazing human. She’s a beautiful, real human. There is not one ounce of fabrication in who she is and she doesn’t pretend to be someone she’s not. That engages me to want to be that person and strip away the crap and stop the bullshit excuses and just get shit done. She’s absolutely changing my life.”